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The high access rates...

The provider of SEO Tools have problems with Google, since they disregard the terms of use.
Because most SEO tools automates access the services from the industry leader,
to carry out, inter alia, analyzing data and checks can, already a million loss for Google emerged.
The company expressly prohibits the automatic query and points out that Google's services may only be used in the user interface provided by the search engine giant.

The high access rates to the Google services through regular polling of several million Result bind substantial resources in-house Google, leaving no value-added. The automated traffic look like human actions.
Therefore, by this technique, which employ some SEO tools in the queries that falsified statistics that Google regularly evaluates to improve its search algorithms.
This creates a Google further damage, as well as incorrect information be published on the company's customers.
If you compare the computing resources of Google in a comparison with the prices that Microsoft might charge for its Bing search engine in automated queries arise as Google regularly costs in the order of
several million euros.
Google is going on for the reasons mentioned to SEO tools that work with automated queries.
To what extent this is possible in Germany or other countries must be clarified in detail.
In the commercial marketing of the data search engines, there are also special tools that do not have direct access to the databases of Google, but are sold as software to customers of the tool vendors. They can then conduct their visits to the Google pages.
Because these tools already since the beginning of the search engines Google and history exist with many participants or clients of these tool vendors maintains itself as business relations, Google probably will not be working here.
This could be different, that perform their automated queries yourself and rent a one-time or monthly payment to the customer at the SEO tools.